My best friend

  In excruciatingly-painful agony we met, An enticing pursuit that night we spent. To the galaxies we drove each other, For we knew it was meant forever. Silly pizza toppings, weird heels bossing, To the museum, giving birth to freedom. Together meticulously throwing shapes, For you happen to be in my circle, so strange. My magic creator, my miracle maker, To me, you were my new live giver. Fragrance of a syrupy-sweet, Delectable like handmade meat, That's how I feel about my best friend.

Domestic violence

A new decade, yet an old societal odd stayed, An individual afraid, manifold tragic stories left unsaid, One's perpetual prayers failed, the other's arrogance gained, Suffocate, hate, degrade, and slayed, Within any face or colour it snakes, Domestic violence cuts across any lake. A new decade, yet an old societal odd stayed, In the psychological, emotional or physical form it may break, A living-hell domestic violence phrased. Synthetic drugs, threats and power, they aim, Perhaps more education is what we should claim?

Nidhi K. Buskalawa

 Khoushee Nidhi Buskalawa is c urrently law student, an activist, writer, poet, part-time hostess, freelance model, co-founder of an NGO and an aspiring barrister. Age: 19 years old